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The JBP is Jon’s creative project band.  The band’s first album – Voltaire Road – is available both as CD and digital download, and the second album is currently under construction. Jimmi Clarke on bass and Craig Bacon on drums makes this band a formidable line up.

The X-Men

The X-Men are a three-piece covers band, perfect for any function.  Guitar, bass, drums and three harmony vocals, playing a mix of covers to get the party swinging.

The SRB Jazz

The SRB Jazz duo is the newest addition to the live offering.  This duo with Jimmi Clarke was formed out of the JBP rehearsals.  During their SRB ( sausage roll break) Jon and Jimmi would play jazz standards, and over time, they started to mess around with playing modern pop songs as jazz tunes.  The mix of these two things eventually gave rise to the SRB duo.

Richad Taylor

Richard Taylor is another one of Jon’s collaborators.  As the singer and writer for Steve Harris’ (Iron Maiden) British Lion, Rich is a powerhouse vocal, but in the acoustic duo with Jon, he has everything else: totally soulful, with a huge vocal range and a vast song catalogue.  Jon really just adds the sparkle on top of a very polished performance.  Get in touch for more details.

Matt Shepherd

Matt Shepherd is one of Jon’s oldest friends and their acoustic guitar duo is the stuff of legend. It can be soulful one minute and explosive the next and anything can happen.  Their long friendship means that they work together intuitively and are able to bend and shape what they do to suit any event.  Get in touch for more details.

The Secret Band…

The secret band is Jon’s other project.  Nobody knows where or when it’ll show up but from time to time it does.  It can be anything from a two piece jazz duo to a six piece party band and just about everything in between.  Get in touch for more details.

Of course, Jon also does solo gigs as a jazz guitarist, or acoustic finger style guitarist, and just about anything else you fancy….